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Originally Posted by anbosu View Post
In my experience you would be fine adding a large number of that genus without issue. I have 2 talbots, 1 springeri, 1 tracy, 1 cyanea, and 1 roland's damsel in my 100g. In my 360 I have a similar mix with a tuxedo as well. They are hardy, colorful fish that are usually pretty inexpensive. The captive bred ones are pretty reasonably priced too, I have 2 of the talbots and 3 of the azure and they've all done really well for me so far.
Yea, Iím really impressed they are captive breeding them for the price they are charging. No chance they are making much, if any, profit on them. If live aquaria is selling them for $10 I canít imagine the breeder is getting more than $2-3 for them.

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