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Originally Posted by TwentyfiveCents View Post
Well its not impossible to keep but def not easy and seems like people don't know exactly what they consume so they give em a cocktail of different things with success.....mine is still alive i might be crazy but it looks like its growing new branches at the moment. I target feed it twice a day with mysis shrimp and silver sides that I puree in a blender and also dump reef snow in there I'm also using the triton method. keeping the blueberry in the strongest flow area of my tank as Well
How long have you had it? Considering there are essentially no reports of anyone ever keeping one beyond about a year, we can say with confidence that they are, so far, impossible to keep alive long term. I have followed the topic extensively over the years and there is a lack of reports documenting survival beyond about one year, which is about how long it seems to take for them to starve. Many people see new growth on these things, but they still end up dying. It’s similar to crinoids and seems to be left over growth from energy reserves gained while in the wild. Many people claim “success” with this species, but there is a lack of documentation and evidence to support the claims.

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