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Originally Posted by Subsea View Post
How long has their Pukani rock been in the water?

Even with the density of the bryozoan limestone, I would still purchase GOM live rock before Pacific for the diversity. The GOM is nutrient rich and the biodiversity on the east coast of Florida is phenomenal. I run my systems nutrient rich and heavy on the sponges and other filter feeders.

I spoke with Richard in early 2005. I was buying my first Package from him. I was on a drilling rig sending him emails and he was on a fishing yacht in the biggest fishing rodeo in the GOM off the coast from Biloxi. He mentioned being in the rodeo watching a boatload of models and I mentioned being on a drilling rig with a bunch of boats circling our drilling rig, including a boat load of models.
I don't know, maybe Richard will chime in.
But I've seen what it looks like just after 3-6 months. Looks like it has been down there for years. Insane how fast it colonizes in those waters.
He's been seeding pukani for quite awhile now, along with the walt smith 2.1 rock.


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