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Originally Posted by ca1ore View Post
I guess I never actually said. I went with the standard yellow-tail damsels because that's what LA had.
Thanks. I had three azures in my 40 breeder. They got along for a while then I think two paired up and that was it for the 3rd. Those two stayed together for over 2 years then one day I had a bacteria bloom or something and both almost died. Once everything recovered (I didn't actually lose anything) they started to fight for some reason and that lead to another death. Odd really because they became a pair/mated. Go figure.

In my 210 that I just started the cycle once it is done and ready to go I'll be adding some damsels at the same time. I'll be going with a mix of Talbots, Tracey's, and Azures. I may add a Tuxedo in there since they are all members of the chrysiptera family which I believe are typically more mellow. At least with the Azure and Talbots I've owned in the past.

With 150 lbs of Pukani I have plenty of safety zones for them


Current Tank Info: 210 gallon mixed reef
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