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Originally Posted by Jscwerve View Post
Quick question about these pumps.

I got a great deal on a brand new DCT 12000 and it will be here in a few days. Do the controllers have a memory if power is cut from and then returned to them? I want to know if I can just use this like my current pump when I put my ReefKeeper in standby and have it turn off, as in power to the outlet goes off, then comes back on after a preset time.

If you have to reset the controller or independently put it into a feed mode, I'll just use it for salt mixing or something.
I just got a dcp-8000 If your power goes off the pump will restart at its lowest power setting and then ramp up to where it was before the power failure..

I tested this first thing.I have had it running since Monday its super quiet and i like being able to see the watts drawn by the pump. I run it on 68% and it used 44 watts of power according to its controller..
It did not come with a 1 1/2 inch fitting so i had to make one from a pvc threaded fitting

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