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Originally Posted by JustAClownFish View Post
Honestly, I think most corals are beginner friendly. What does that even mean anyway? If your tank parameters aren't right even a Mushroom can do poorly. If your phosphates and nitrate are low you can start off with pretty much anything that doesn't require a lot of tweaking.If your tank is stable it doesn't matter what coral you get as long as you keep feeding it. Get some hammers, frogspawn, mushrooms, leathers, bubble tip anemones etc. The LFS I worked for refers to himself as a pro since he has been in business for 30 years yet his tanks have 160ppm nitrate and skyrocketing phosphates. Everything except SPS survives in his tanks. He doesn't feed his tanks and rarely does water changes. The alk in one of his tanks was below 6 and the brain corals were doing ok. Honestly, stability is king. Even if your parameters are **** as long as it is stable most corals will do fine.

All I can say is WOW..... Thanks for enlightening us with your experience. Also I guess all my tanks should crash cuz I don't feed any of them.

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