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LPS dieing and SPS healthy

Hello, my LPS (frogspawn and Hammer coral) has been slowly dieing for the last 5 months. The first few months the corals werenít opening up fully and then the 3rd month it lost one head and now itís lost 3 heads. Iím not sure whatís happening because my SPS corals are doing really well. I thought it was Brown Jelly Disease, but from what Iíve read BJD kills within hours or days.
What could this be?

Cal: 445

Alk: 8.6

Meg: 1345

Ammonia: 0.00

Nitrate: 0.00

Nitrite: 0.00

PH: 8.0


This is my Coral now.

Hereís my coral 6 or so months ago.

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