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I just picked up two Mitras LX7. The moment I put them over my tank and programmed them, I knew I made the right decision. IMO, after having seen and worked with other LEDs such as Radion G4 Pros, AI Hydra 52HD, and Kessil AP700, I think this comes on top especially in terms of overall brightness.

The colors truly pop under these fixtures and the combination of LEDs used makes for a very pleasing overall color.

Taking a look at the specs should be enough to tell you why it's worth the extra $650.

Hydra 52 HD vs. Mitras LX7
  • 52 LEDs vs. 72 LEDs
  • Optics vs. Metal coated reflectors (Better color blending and no hotspots)
  • >90% optic efficiency vs 99% reflective efficiency
  • 135w vs. 195w (More power = more flexibility = more control)
  • 2 pucks vs. 6 pucks (More even-light distribution)
  • 7 LED channels vs. 9 LED channels (More customization)
  • Latest LED diodes
  • Thermally protected fixture (Automatically reduces light output if fixture temp rises above optimal temperatures)
  • Thermally controlled fans
  • 36" x 24" light spread from a single LX7 fixture
  • No additional accessory is needed to enable myGHL remote access to the LX7
  • Side display for quick lighting adjustments
  • Maintenance modes for pre-set lighting spectrums
  • Looks great in either color!

Of course both fixtures do share similarities such as remote accessibility, full spectrum LEDs, two color options, etc. The above is what separates it from the rest.

Here's a couple shots of the fixtures:


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