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Originally Posted by slief View Post
No trade secret there. It's a bit premature for me to post the lighting profiles as I just set mine up yesterday on my main display. I suppose I could pull some numbers off the one over my frag tank though. I am taking it slow on the main display. I added 6 of them and am taking it very slow in effort to transition from my existing lights. As such, I have these new ones dialed way back so I don't torch my corals. I figure it's going to take me a good 30 days to do the transition. Once I have them fully dialed in, I will happily be sharing my settings in one of the GHL threads.

Now Reefrocker looks like he is much further along with his tuning and settings. Maybe he can share his as I too would be interested in seeing what he's running the different channels at..
I have been waiting for a LED replacement to MH/T5 for quite some time. I bought AI Sol Blues way back in the day and was very unhappy and currently only use LEDs to supplement my t5 lighting. If Mitras are a complete replacement solution I am sold because the amount of heat I would be reducing over the summer coupled with the t5 bulb savings is enough in itself.

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