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Originally Posted by bwmalloy View Post
I am currently researching the upgrade of my lighting from MH to LED. I have 180g mixed reef tank with standard dimensions of 72" x 24" x 24". After all the research over the last 3 weeks, I have narrowed my search down to the Hydras 52 and the Mitras LX7. For my tank I will need 3 fixtures. The Mitras will total ~$650 more than the Hydras not including hanging kits, etc.

Are the Mitras worth $650 more? What do I get for that extra money that makes it worth it? $650 is a significant amount of money for me.
I run Hydra 52's and you will need more than three to get good coverage on that tank. Probably more like 5 units. With the spacing of the clusters on the Mitras you will probably only need three or four units to get good coverage.


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