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There will be oxygen there but the concentration would be very low to sustain cellular respiration respiration. Diatomic oxygen is uncharged and small, it would easily pass through the cell membranes and diffuse outside. Since the environment around them is also anoxic, it would probably oxidize something and will be lost. Also oxygen production would only happen if there is light,. With a regular day light cycle, they wont survive the night even, if intercellular oxygen generation during light period is enough.

All these stuff we discussed is why it is not a good idea. Such a system would require considerable management and stability. There is a reason why anoxygenic photosynthesis is very rare. It is advantageous to oxygenic photosynthesis only under very specific conditions, mostly under extreme environments. I mean everything aside, I doubt these organism would even be readily present in a tank, even if you built the system. You would probably need to buy and seed them.

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