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Originally Posted by bertoni View Post
I think you're interested in using a plenum or a deep sand bed, from what I understand. There's no need to feed calcium acetate to run a substrate for denitrification. I would use normal sand, because light shining through the substrate will encourage photosynthesis, which will add oxygen. "Aerobic anoxic" is a bit of a contradiction, since aerobic metabolism refers to the consumption of oxygen. Photosynthetic organisms produce oxygen, and they will grow given light and nutrients.

Setting ozone to a specific ORP can be quite dangerous, as tanks vary in the ORP levels naturally. What is the purpose of the ozone? If it's being used to break down organics, I would set the controller for it to a bit above the level seen without ozone, and work from there.
I have an external skimmer which leaves the first sump chamber available for high flow applications, and the second for low flow. You'll also notice the acrylic sump is elevated to faciliate a light underneath. Yes, I'm thinking plenum in low flow chamber . . :

The lab is set using an AquaC E180 driven by and Iwaki RLT 30 on 30G frag tank.

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