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Not the growth that I would have hoped

Hello all,
I'm looking for some ideas. I have several different corals in my DT that I got as frags.
3 different zoas and an open brain.

I have a 75g, with 60lbs of live rock. 2 65g canister filters and a reef octopus 100 hob skimmer. Marine orbitz led and a fluvel marine LED light strip. Orbitz runs at a ramp up and down of 30 mins each and 8hrs of white/blue. The fluvel strip runs 3 hrs mid day and shuts off.

My stock is a fox face, sailfin tang. Flame angel coral beauty, engineer goby and 3 fire fish gobys. 2 cleaner shrimp and a clean up crew.

My question is, that I have had these corals for months with little to no growth. I have tried moving up and down on the reef and I think that I have found the best stpots as they are all open and look good, but they don't off shoot new polyps or grow.

I test mt water 2-3 weekly. Water is perfect. Including calcium and alkalinity.
I have used reef fusion for last couple of months without results. I direct feed them reef chili 2-3 times a week.

So ideas about what I'm doing wrong.
Thanks for the help.

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