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Originally Posted by Jedi4lif View Post
Hello all,
I have a 75g, with 60lbs of live rock. 2 65g canister filters and a reef octopus 100 hob skimmer. Marine orbitz led and a fluvel marine LED light strip. Orbitz runs at a ramp up and down of 30 mins each and 8hrs of white/blue. The fluvel strip runs 3 hrs mid day and shuts off.
Thanks for the help.
I don't have experience with these LED fixtures...but I'm guessing this is probably your problem. I'm not sure these lights are the best/intense enough for most corals.

Someone else might be able to chime in...but I would do some research on those fixtures and see what others have said.


Current Tank Info: 90g mixed reef w/ 55g sump/fuge.
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