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New tank setup

Good day to everyone. I am getting back into the hobby after quite a few years. Lost a prize 110g coral reef because of Hurricane Andrew in 92. It's been that long ago. Anyways, I bought a 55 hexagon and now after disassembly and resealing/testing for leaks; I have almost completed a stand and hood for this project. I have a Grech external canister rated at 1000L/H, Odyssea UV Sterilizer rated for up to 180g tank, and a typhoon protein skimmer that's good for up to a 125g tank. The question I have is in selection of proper lighting for a tank that is approx. 31" deep and also fit the application. The tank is 24" in width. I would prefer a full spectrum LED but I am open for suggestions. It will ultimately have live rock, live coral and eventually inverts, clowns etc. I know I am limited on the amount of space in the tank so this will also be limited on the amount of inhabitants as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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