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Originally Posted by Editour2 View Post
Just so I learn a lesson moving forward....I recently purchased 3 Pyramid Butterflies....the seller indicated they were eating mysis. When I got them home I drip acclimated them for over 3 hours before placing them in a 30 gal QT. They never ate for me. One developed pop eye immediately, (I think it was popeye), another developed what appeared to be white rice grains around the head and in one eye. The one with pop eye died within 2 days. The one with white spots died in about a week. The last one developed pop eye and remained alive for about 13 days before succumbing. The 2 with pop eye both were found with the infected eye missing. I have no crabs or snails in this QT tank and the fish was not left, without being checked on, for more than an a 7 hour period. I did try all different types of food from Sally's butterfly cubes to mysis, brine, bloodworms, fresh mussels and clams but nothing interested them. I also treated the QT with prazipro on day 7. The seller did have a 14 day guarantee but it was a painful experience. I am not sure if this was fluke disease or not. From posts I have read it appears that if you don't treat with prazipro within the 1st 4 days it is a lost cause. I am not sure why the eyes were missing....I am assuming that it was consumed by the infection/disease. I do have some rock in the QT tank and a bristetail file fish...which seems unaffected and is eating. Moving forward.....I treated this QT by doing a massive water change and then hitting it again with the prazipro. I am now running carbon. I have some live rock in this tank...are you saying that I would need to leave this tank fallow for 8 wks? Can fluke lay eggs in the rock or only in a host? Would the bristletail be a carrier? I read that butterflies are more apt to get fluke than other fish. I want to use this tank within the next few weeks for new fish QT but don't want to go through this again......I could start with all new water but then I would need to remove all the rock and possibly the bristetail......
I am sorry this happened. Nothing worse than losing an animal. Unfortunately, you are almost describing a crustacean parasite. Did you inspect the fish after death and see anything that looked like a crustacean on it? Not too much is rice size. Although popeye can be caused by a few different things. It is considered a symptom not a disease. Usually a bacterial infection or trauma (injury), at times parasites.

Without confirmation on the cause of death, I would consider it safer to empty QT, fill with freshwater for at minimum 24hours. Drain and re-fill with saltwater. If you are treating in the QT tank, it is better to not have porous rock or any inverts. Can the bristletail go into the display?

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