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deesfish, Please read more and buy live stock slower - seeing as a yellow tang needs a 5 to 6 foot long tank minimum to swim in it has no chance of a healthy life in your 30 gal.

How close did you look at this fish before you purchased it? Talk to where you purchased it and if they can't help I'd go elsewhere, actually if they sold you this tang knowing you were going to put it in a 30 gal tank you should still go else where to purchase your supplies etc.

Your two damsels are going to get big and mean.

The white lines down it's sides are a sensory organ - normal. Again, try reading about what your thinking of buying before you buy.

My newest tank is 90 gal with a 30 gal sump, a good skimmer and I've had salt water tanks for over 20 years. I wouldn't have purchased your tang for my tank (too small) and wouldn't think of adding that many fish in my new tank if it was only a month old - I may get that many over the first 6 to 8 months.

Good luck & sorry about the scolding but I'm frustrated as i just noticed my 8 year old clown has the same eye condition as yours and I don't know what to do about it... and getting him out of the tank would probably do more damage/stress than he can handle.

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