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Originally Posted by Deesfish View Post
someone plz help me......I just purchased a yellow tang on yesterday....i noticed today one of his eyes are puffy and white (cloudy like)...the other eye is normal.....I also noticed later tonight both sides of the tang has a white line going donw the side of its body. I really new at this so plz help me......I have a 30 gallon tank about a month old.....i purchased 1 blue damsel and 1 blk/wht damsel about two weeks ago....the tank has cycled.....I now have a clean-up crew due to the algae and 1 small polyp sand and rock........Please let me know what i need to do the save my tang...if that's possible.....


Set up a hospital tank that you can treat with medications. Bare bottom tank highly recommended. The the white lines sound like HLLE but not sure because you don't have pictures. Feed frozen foods dosed in vitamins.... Brine and mysis soaked in garlic, selcon, and vita chem this will help with HLLE and also the immune system of the fish. I would do that and with a hospital tank you can treat with medications, otherwise I'm afraid your tang is a goner. Just a FYI less is more when it comes to saltwater for a 30g tank 2 small fish that don't get over 3 inches would be the max you should have. The smallest of tangs should be in a 6ft long 100g minimum tank

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