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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
Thanks vlangel, for the kind words! (and the expert advice!)

Having just read a bunch, I seem to remember that they are very prolific, but less than 1% of the babies survive, which would seem to support your statement that in some locations, there ARE endangered. I'm still in awe of the efforts you have to take to keep them healthy. I can see how they are your passion!

I'm thrilled that my tank inspires you. I can't think of a better compliment! Plenty of room for you, down here in the weirdo, planted tank basement, whenever you're ready! I too have considered sargassum, but I haven't pulled the trigger. It's probably because I have some plants I want to get to progress further, before adding something new. Like terrestrial gardening, the work is never done!
Yep, in nature not many survive. If captive bred their odds are much better, as high as 90% by a seahorse farm. I only raised them once but even I managed to raise 15 out of 22. They were H erectus which is the easiest pony to raise.

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