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Lots of ways to remove nitrate, but ceramic media is not really one of them. It will mostly be a substrate for nitrfying bacteria that use nitrate and ammonia, not nitrate. BUT, there is more bacteria in your tank than that... so it could also be a good substrate for bacteria blooms that you control by other means (i.e. carbon dosing without a pellet reactor), which can take up NO3 and PO4 for cell synthesis.

Anyway, ceramic filter media can be used as a tool (I use it!), but I simply consider them homes for aerobic bacteria, with minimal potential for true "denitrification". People will call them nitrate factories, which is misleading (and not even a bad thing), nothing wrong with a constant source of nitrate in a tank.... it's about balance.

IMO the best way to export nutrients (as nitrate or before it becomes nitrate), beyond the basic setup of live rock and flow, is using a skimmer and macro algae (refugium or scrubber). Only after that would I resort to carbon dosing (needs skimmer anyway), and then media based reactors. Often people "do it all" in some war against nitrate, and end up with ultra low nutrient tanks, which is BAD!

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