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Originally Posted by GoGo98102 View Post
I got the 150g set. Steve accepted my $1600 shipped offer. However, if I had to do everything all over again, I probably wouldn't buy this again.

The good-

1. Tank is really nicely built with thick glass and nice silicon work.

2. Stand is solid wood and very sturdy.

3. Sump is big and roomy (57g).

The bad-

1. The whole thing came assembled in 2 pallets that weight 695#. It took a few people to move them.

2. The sump was BUILT into the stand. It was also a tight fit. You can't take it out without disassemble the stand. You can't fit UV sterilizer or media reactor into the stand.

3. The only thing not assembled was the canopy and it had no instructions whatsoever. I managed to put the biggest pieces together by matching their holes. There were 4 strips of wood left that I assumed was used to "sit" on the tank. I put them on so only 1" and the top was covered but I had no idea if I did it right or not. I ended up not using the canopy anyway. Too old fashioned looking.

4. The overflow is old school 1" durso stand with a 1/2" return. Well, not really- now this is the BIGGEST problem I have. This tank was made in China. I have no problem with that except they used a metric system. 1" is really 25mm, not 25.4mm. 1/2" is 12mm, not 12.7mm. When I went to a hardware store trying to make this a herbie system, I realized that none of their pipes or bulkheads fit. I ended up just use their durso stand.

Now, if I had to do everything all over again, I would take the seller's offer to seal the holes and take the overflow out. I would've drilled for BeanAnimal myself and use standard pipes and bulkheads. The tank is pretty noisy as it stands. It sounds like I am living next to a small stream. I can get used to it but it's not quiet. I wish I knew to make the durso pipe bigger before it reached the bulkhead to reduce the noise. As of right now, I can't see myself draining 160g (about 140g in the tank and 20g in sump when running) to redo the plumbing.

PS: I replaced the return pump because the vibration was pretty loud. I can see myself replacing the skimmer too because it had quite a big of vibration too.
you would not need to drain the hole tank just whats in the overflow the standard size bulk heads fit right in the holes that were drilled in mine.

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