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Originally Posted by moondoggy4 View Post
I have read that the euro brace and Synergy Overflow will cause the water level to be too low in the tank, or possibly they fixed the problem, I am just throwing that out there, you might already know it. Nice choices you can't go wrong with either tanks.
Not if the euro bracing is flush and not recessed like it typically is on their tanks. It can either be flush with the rim or sit on top of the rim of the tank. Steve quoted me $1295 for the tank 60" x 30" x24" flush eurobraceing drilled for the Synergy Overflow w/ drilled returns plus $900 for a wood stand similar to the outside look of a reefer stand. The $1295 includes shipping though I'll have to pay for a lift gate which isn't much. I probably won't order the tank and stand until October. I still have a few more things to get before I order the tank. I was shocked that it was so cheap. He makes great tanks.

I ordered the BK Mini 200 today from Premium Aquatics. It shipped out today should be here by Thursday.

I'm also thinking about a Red Dragon pump the smallest one for the tank along with the controller for my Apex.

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Current Tank Info: 187 60"x30"x24" system in process

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