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Originally Posted by studboy36 View Post
Yeah I think I will love it. At $1099 in going to love it. It's controllable in the way that I want it to be controlled. It has the power to push water where it needs to go, and I can fine tune it to match the gph requirements of my rollermat which is approximately 600-700 gph. I need to grow my sump a little more to accommodate it and the two heaters. Other then that the sump design is nearly complete. The skimmer comes in today! What I can do is use the skimmer pump as a starting point to model the 150.

I also need to model the skimmer so I can design a cover for it and the zeovit reactor which I still need to buy from Japan next week. Looks like everything will fit according to what I modeled as mock ups for the skimmer and reactor.

The sump is based upon elite aquatics rollermat sump with my changes. It's going to look similar to a dreambox only in acrylic. I'll post pics of the skimmer tonight, and the sump design.

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