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Wow! What a skimmer! It's built like a tank and beautiful! It's heavy and well crafted. It looks like the pump has 0-10V control. That feature wasn't listed on the premium aquatics site. I've never owned a skimmer like this before. This is the first time that I've spent this much on a skimmer. It looks like it's worth the money and it will last years when it's put in service. I am disappointed though that I thought that I was buying this skimmer with the anti-lime bypass feature. It doesn't have it. Having paid $1200 for it. I should expect it to be flawless. It's not. There is damage to the volute, and it makes me not trust that it will be fully functional when it's put into operation. This is not acceptable.

The last pic is of the rollermat sump based on Elite Aquatics design only mine is bigger and it will have covers.

Skimmer Pic_1.jpg

Skimmer Pic_2.jpg

RD Skimmer Pump.jpg

Volute Damage.jpg

Sump Pic_1.jpg

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