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Originally Posted by BrianD View Post
Again, since the point keeps getting lost:

We have no blanket prohibition on linking to other sites. However, there are a few sites that are filtered out due to past violations of our User Agreement (very few, probably one or two active sites).

I’m pretty sure it was Agu who once commented in an algae thread, to which I replied.....against his signature. “More biology and less technology “
At the time he was speaking negatively against algae scrubbers. Which I can’t go past 2015 to find said post.........

I’ll return the favor to you.........
“How to make RC more active”......your signature...”Always strive for the optimum environment, not the minimum environment.”

What exactly do you suppose this thread is really about?
Do people come here because they love a minimum environment?

Not trying to be rude in any way... however, you put that signature there. Not me. Then try to stand on a platform that only RC cares about.
We are all here to be better care takers of our reefs. IF, someone chooses to try and make a mockery and use other forums links.......then ban them individually.

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