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Originally Posted by WestTxReefer View Post
So I have been using the HW salt mix, but after testing, ive found that my results are as follows.

78 degrees
1.026 specific gravity, with a calibrated brs refractometer
calc 435 red sea coral pro
alk 8 dkh, hanna meter,
mag 1100 elos mag test kit

I was using the red sea coral pro salt mix before this stuff and never had any issues with any of my levels and rarely had to dose anything. Now I have constant alk issues and developed a hair algae problem almost immediately after switching. I will be switching back to coral pro as soon as possible. I do have a question and I tried searching among the boards, but came up with a bunch of random answers and inconclusive results. My alk with coral pro stayed at a constant 10 - 10.2 dkh, and now it remains in the high 7's. Could this cause an algae out break? My tank is 2 years old and nitrate, phos and just about any other nuisance nutrient I can test for are all coming back undetectable. I know this is probably not the best place to ask, but I am considering switching back to coral pro and was wondering if this would help with my issue. Sorry if its inappropriate.
Alk is not a likely cause of algae, no. Some salts are closer to NSW levels, like the HW. Alk in the ocean is about 8, give or take. With the ultra-low nutrient systems a lot of people like and use, you don't want your alk any higher than about 9, which is why these salts are popular.

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