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Originally Posted by jason2459, post: 3125460, member: 56516
RedSea Coral Pro

Did this last night but finally getting a chance to post the number.

What they say

Instructions I showed inaccurate

And what I get at 35ppt

Ca: 430
Alk: 12.16
Mg: 1425

And Triton's results

Elevated amounts of Mn and I but really pretty good numbers. Alk is on the high side but that could be good to help supplement that too in small water changes.

Salinity is estimated at just over 33PSU.

I'm fnding this interesting. Going to go back to my normal mark I use for 35ppt and also weigh back out a 35ppt standard but from Jim Randy's recipe is to PSU. So, I guess I should specify that and will line up with the calculated estimated values.

Next mix should reflect that.

I have a batch of 50 sterile 50ml vials on order and waiting to get those in to start sending sample over to Aquaforest.

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