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Originally Posted by Wally.B View Post
I'm back again, but for another ID question TO THE ALGAE EXPERTS.

I started a FRAG TANK. It's couple of month old.
Not much in there yet. 4 Frags, and I had a Cowrie in there cleaning green Algae out.

Cowrie was move into separate section since he eats corals.
So I started feeding PURPLE Seaweed (NORI) to COWRIE to keep him alive, and I heard NORI poo is great for SPS Corals.

Then my FRAG TANK started getting this RED FILM.

First I thought it might be Cyano. But no bubbles, not stringy. Really different.

I thought it might be a Red Coraline. But it's soft and scrapes off with a razor blade kind of like GREEN FILM Algae on Display Tank. Not Hard or crystalline.

I pulled out the USB SCOPE to check.

Scaped off some with RAZOR Blade.


500x MAG (After it semi dried) (Blade Edge Again)

When it really dried, it just become crumbly, like powder.

What KIND?
SAFE for Frag Tank?

Maybe Cowrie will eat it too?

OK, I proved my THEORY
It is NORI that I've been feeding the Cowrie and it seeded my FRAG TANK with Purple Algae.

It put a Wall in Frag Tank (since Cowrie loves SPS polyps)

Let the Cowrie loose on Left side.

And to prove he ate it, I put Timelapse Web Cam on Area.

Yup, it was him.

This is good news since NO Cyano, and NORI poo is good for Corals.

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