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Here you go!

Originally Posted by maxxII View Post
Communicating via written word over the net can be interesting to say the least. Its very easy to misunderstand what a person meant when reading their posts. Over 80% of human communication is via non verbals such as tone, inflection, and body language.

Short version is no problem on my end, apology accepted.

You bring up some interesting points in this post.

Iíve never tried adding vitamins or liquid foods when trying to bring back a weakened anemone. What vitamins or liquid foods are you using or advocating? I honestly am not up to date on what vitamins or liquid foods are currently popular or available, so your input here would be greatly appreciated, (seriously).

I also agree completely that water quality and general conditions of the system the anemone is being kept in are all paramount to anemone health and well being.

Iíve only tried S. gigantea once. A local store that I have a good relationship with had one come in that started to go down hill and they asked me to try and rescue it with the understanding that if it survived, I would buy it. Sadly, it didnít.

IMO, (based on what Iíve read), S. gigantea is the most difficult anemone to keep. The fact that you obtained yours from Petco of all places and have had it for 6 months speaks volumes.

Iím also very intrigued by how you set up the place for the gigantea to attach.

Rather than derail this thread any further, could you please start a new thread and detail everything youíve done and pictures of your anemones and set up?

Iíd love to keep an S. gigantea some day but feel I need to do more research and would love to see what your doing.




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