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Does Roti-feast stay evenly suspended for you to use it with the syringe pump?
I've used other rotifer products and they've settle too fast for me to use it with the syringe pump.
I'm considering ditching the syringe pump entirely in favor of a kalk reactor.

Also, is your food list pretty much the same as Danny Dame's list, or have you added on/substituted other products?

Here's the list that I'm looking at
* Rotifers - not sure yet, maybe live culture?
Freeze-dried cyclopeeze
BSD's Algae Paste
DT’s oyster eggs
Reef Chili/Coral Frenzy
ZV Sponge Power
Brightwell MB7/Prodibio Biodigest
FM Ultra Clam
FM Ultra Sea Fan
FM Ultra MinF
FM MinS (Amino Acid)

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