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Originally Posted by uhuru View Post

I am using the base model syringe pump from You can adjust the dosage on the fly, and it is a high quality unit. I like it a lot. It sits in a thermoelectric cooler, which takes the temp down to 45F, so not as cold as a fridge but since I change out the syringe every 12-24 hrs. no big deal. If I had more room I might go with a fridge, but it sits in my closet next to the tank.

It's too early to say which method is best. I have been using the syringe pump for several months now, but just started with the reactor. For sure, you have more options with the kalk reactor. The entire FM line, blended frozen foods, whatever! You can dose anything. However, it's also more work in terms of maintenance. With the syringe pump the only thing that gets dirty is the syringe! All I can say is between these two methods my corals look pretty damn happy. I'll snap some pics between now and Christmas or new years.
Thanks for the info uhuru...please keep us posted on your progress. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

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