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TTM Quarantining Question

So I am on day 10 of quarantining a lawnmower blenny using the TTM.
Last night was my 3rd transfer and since then I have cleaned all of the equipment and have it set out to dry. But one question comes to mind when drying out the equipment.
The procedures indicate that you are to dry the tank and equipment between transfers for a minimum of 24 hrs and I was wondering if there was a significance to the 24hr time period? Like maybe there a specific amount of time that it takes the Trophont to dry out and die or is it simply an approximated time that is reasonable to assume that everything is dry and the Trophonts are all dead?

Thank in advance,

150g cube, 40g sump, Rapid led, Neptune controller, LR, sandbed, ATS, PS

Current Tank Info: 150g Marineland Cube
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