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Originally Posted by saf1 View Post
I didn't know about that guarantee. Then again I typically do not mail order fish (but that is going to change after seeing this post). Thanks.

Unrelated maybe but I don't understand the pricing. Not so much vs. captive bred but just in general. I am building a wish list for my 240 gallon and trying to find some Angel's that are reef save but maybe something I've seen while diving in Hawaii or Japan. I came across a Masked Swallowtail Angelfish which I believe is reef safe and they are offering it for around 200 dollars (Philippians) but another source is 55 to 66 dollars (female/male) but indo pacific.

So a bit confused what the difference is outside of location. Is that handled better, caught, shipped, color, or?
There are 2 different species of swallowtail angels being sold as masked swallowtail angels these days. Typically the more expensive Philippines ones are the "proper" Genicanthus semifasciatus. Lately in Indonesian shipments they have started labelling Genicanthus caudovittatus as masked swallowtails too.

Check carefully before you purchase.

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