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And this is why real live rock is shipped under water!!

I get these messages all the sad...but beware as I am the only one that ships live rock correctly, underwater as it has to be done if you want real live rock and not a stinky problem.

Hi! I'm very excited that I found your website, I only wish I found it a week earlier because I just purchased 40lbs of "live rock" from another Tampa based rock company and can I just say I think I got ripped off. First of all it didn't say anywhere on the website how the rock was shipped and since I'm new to the saltwater hobby I had no idea what I should be looking for as far as how it is shipped. I just assumed that since it was live rock it would be sent in water. But that was not the case. It was sent through two day fedex wrapped in damp newspaper so of course everything that was alive before it was shipped was definitely dead when it arrived to my house, the only hitchhikers to survive were a few tiny bad anemones. And the smell that came from those bags and boxes was horrifying. I gagged a few times and I'm a vet tech so I deal with poop and blood and vomit all day but that smell was rank. The pictures of the rock on the website were beautiful and it looked decent when it got to me but now that it's in my 65 gal tank everything is dying even more and my ammonia is off the chart high. Anyway, long story short I learned my lesson and will absolutely be buying the rest of my sand/Rock/cleanup package from you. My question is when would it be safe to add new sand and rock now that I have this nasty dying rock in my tank? I have no fish or clean up crew because my tank is pretty new so I'm doing things slowly. Also do you ship to small airports? I live in Royston Ga and can not drive the 2.5 hours to Atlanta or Greenville sc. So I guess what would the closest airport be? Thanks and sorry for my long horror story!
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