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Originally Posted by bnumair View Post
i never recommend using water from existing tank it brings nothing good. so i would start with freshly mixed (aged atleast 12-24hrs). You can use a floss or filter or media from an existing tank to obtain instant cycle. chances to import dirties is less that way.
good luck
bnumair, thanks for putting this info together for all of us. 30 years in the hobby and I am finally setting up a quarantine tank lol.
Just so you know we really are paying attention, you confused me with this post saying never use water from existing tank when back in your first post you said
" Emergency QT.
In case you feel a need for a QT, just put together all the equipment and put water from your main tank in it and you are good to go.

I have a 30 gallon tank set up next to and plumbed to my 120 display. Was going to be a frag tank but now it will morph into a quarantine tank. Isolating it from display. If I leave it fallow for a while, ok to use display water or not?
Thanks. And again great job with this thread. Thanks.

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