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Well done, very well done.

That was a lot of work to undertake in order to get your sump built and I respect the hell out of you for going that route. I am in the sourcing equipment stage of putting together a 60 gal cube also, and I have been dealing with the sump question for the last few days. I spent a few hours last night designing a sump and priced having most of the acrylic pre cut to size, with only a few pieces for me to do. It ended up coming out to $240 without shipping, buying the bits for my Dremel, and blades for my jigsaw. I built a sump back in 2010, so I know your pain. I decided to buy a used sump instead for $80, but I would be a lot more satisfied if I did what you did and built it myself. I'm on a serious budget and saving that $ is big.

What was the green anemone looking thing in one of the pics of the LR? Did that come in with the rock? How many pounds is that btw? I'm also curious about how that light works for you, I'm leaning towards a hydra 26 or maybe 2 AI Primes, depending on what deals I can find. But a more cost effective option is welcomed. I really like how you aquascaped the rock too. Again, great work, you should be very pleased with yourself! Im going to follow along for ideas and inspiration.

- Pete

Current Tank Info: 60 gal Deep Blue cube, AquaC EV180, Kessil H80 fuge, A360WE TB
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