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The sump build was painful but fun. I really wanted to get the sump to fit in a tight spot and maximize space. In hindsight prob not worth the money, but a fun build. If I could do it all over again. I would have cut the pieces myself with a good table saw blade. That was super easy. Also didn't realize how easy holes were to cut with a dremel and a $5 bit. Nothing in your sump needs to be so precise that you can't do it yourself. I spent most of my money on pieces with holes in it, most I ended up not even using because I changed it around at the last minute. 80$ is a great price to get a sump that will work.

As for the green thing. I think it is a rose bubble anemone. It came with the live rock. There were about 5 other similar anemones also. I ended up getting 45lbs plus some bare live rock I had in my garage from a tank from about 10 years back. The rock came from fiji but spent an extra day in the airport. Most of the invert were dead on arrival. There were crabs, star fish, and bristle worms that were all dead.

The lights are nice. I have yet to grow any coral. So again not sure what to think of them yet. But the quality seems to be better then the price I paid on Amazon!

Thanks for the feedback and kind words. Tried to stay away from the brick wall look that is so easy to do. Most tanks force you to landscape from side to side based on their dimensions. The nice thing about cubes is the depth you can achieve because you can build equally in all directions.

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