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Originally Posted by ddckec6972 View Post
Thanks... I must say i understand everyone concerns (other groups i belong to) about a young tank, i have been called [a lot of names] for adding corals and fish,,, three weeks in, You see, i am having a hard time buying the young tank theory, furthermore. if a new tank is started with out live sand and live rock, then and only then, would i agree, that it would be to early to add anything....; it kinda like people telling me that big foot is not real but yet hes right in my living room.. lol.. ( harry and the hendersons) good movie.
I don't think they are attacking you, just providing caution. I agree that it's hard to deny, at least early on, the results you see in front of you. Whether this early state of success will sustain for the long haul or curve sharply in the direction of trouble remains to be seen.

Happy reefing!

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