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ok look i can not explain why my tank water tests are showing a GOOD TO GO status, only four weeks in. this is further confirmed by two local fish stores (not chains stores) i have two damsels, a few h carbs & Nassarius snails (3 I THINK), and four coral frags, all are doing fine... so please explain to me, if im going to fast; why is everything testing fine and looking fine. I would understand if my live stock was dying. MY OWN Research has uncovered that tanks can cycle way sooner, so why is this proven fact (do your own research) so hard to accept by most? we all should were safety glassed when working on certain things around the home, could lose your eye, but we dont right? if losing your eye was a guaranteed fact (aka MUUUSSSST WAIT or MUST slow down). then a large % of the world would be blind, and its not...... so please stop with the you MUUUSSSST WAIT or MUST slow down. Because my tank is more proof against the slow down supporters. Its one month old (to the day) with good water parms, and supporting corals, fish and others....... Dont get me wrong...I understand the go slow theory and i am getting sick of being reminded of that every time i post something. I'm not dumping 100 fish or corals a day in my tank. i just want to determine if i should add anything to aid in removing the diatoms or not...... simple.

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