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I bought a Cadlights 60g cube system. The stand is made of 1/2" hardwood ply with what look like 1.5/2.5" 'studs' in each corner. I'd be willing to bet that they were used more for attaching the sides with minimal visual impact (screw holes, etc), than for structural purposes.

My stand for my 120g uses plywood for the structural support as well. It might have some 1x2s in the mix, but 3/4" ply holds up the weight. There used to be a picture running around her showing the strength of plywood stands. A guy built one for a really big tank (200-300g) and proved its strength by dropping a load of bricks on it and then laying on top of it all. The enclosure I built to house my ATO bucket has 2 walls made of 1/2" plywood that the top rests on. I can stand on it to work in the tank with no issues, so long as I don't side-load it. It holds 220lbs with no issue. So long as you prevent side-to-side motion, plywood will do just fine.

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