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Originally Posted by ca1ore View Post
Sure, that's because they purport to do for $ what other pumps do for $$$. And spending $$$ doesn't guarantee longevity just like spending $ doesn't guarantee a short useful life. I think most people look at things mainly just in terms of the initial purchase price, and don't really consider how many times something will need to be replaced - or they don't last long enough in the hobby to wear out even cheap equipment. I've got a few Jebao power heads at home and certainly hope they last a good long time.
I don't want this to degrade into one of the many "cheap Jebao vs. XXX quality" threads, but since you mentioned the powerheads I felt compelled to offer my experiences. I have now owned 3 WP-25's. #1 died within 3 months and was replaced by Fish Street (pump body only) - we'll call it #3. #2 was purchased about a month after #1. Either #2 or #3 died today - same symptoms as before which is that the pump body itself is bad. So, of 3 powerheads, 1 died in 3 months, 1 died in 12 months, and the remaining one is still going strong after 15 months or so.

Not exactly a model of longevity. As stated before, one has to take it with a grain of salt when someone says "Mine's been running strong for 4 months with no problems ... these things last forever!!"

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