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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
Thanks, mikenh77. Now I see your side of it. At least you can grow halimeda. I've had no luck with it.

I thought it was cool too, when sea hares reproduced in my tank, until I realized they were wiping out my caulerpa racemosa. It's kinda like the bristle worm thing. They're great detrivores but when their population explodes and your tank is literally crawling with them, it's just a bit too much.

I'm curious, m3ch, have you decided what to do with your giant egg mass?
So far I have left it be to see what happens. I don't have any valuable macros that I am worried about them eating if they do happen to hatch. While I can definitely see the downsides of having that many tiny beings hatching in my tank I think part of what makes this hobby interesting is getting a chance to observe an ecosystem in a box. Will update this thread if anything happens but thus far they haven't changed.

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