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Ok, so currently I don't have an aquarium. I have been planning to get back into this after being away for 10 years, but all my reading lately has me qustioning it.

ICH.... So you start up a new tank with sand and rock, it cycles, and then I have wait 72 Days until I can introduce ANYTHING (corals, fish, inverts) new into the tank. Each and every fish should be put into a QT tank and observed for 4 weeks. If ich appears at which point am I suppose to transfer to yet another QT for this transfer method to be effective? How many times am I transfering and changing fresh water while merely quessing what stage the ICH is in and if it is just going with the fish from tank to tank? Is the plan to to have a fish in QT ich symptom free for 72 days?

But wait there's more! I also have to QT each and every since coral I wish to put in my tank which means I need yet at least one more tank with good lighting for the purpose of coral QT. If I want to QT more than one they have to go in at same time, or start the timer over. How long is this waiting period? My guess would be 72 days.....

Who in the world has time, money, and space for this? I am counting at least 4 completely separate system tanks up and running for this. I assume each would need to be around 3 gallons each.

Am I crazy?

Please correct anything I stated incorrectly here.

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