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Just to inform, there is a new treatment for Cryptocaryon irritans being developed for aquaculture ... it seems able to eradicate the parasite in the fish at 100% without harm to the fish. Follow the link:

Antiparasitic effect of dietary Romet®30 (SDMX–OMP) against ciliate Cryptocaryon irritans infection in the red sea bream Pagrus majorand tiger puffer Takifugu rubripes

► Romet®30 is Sulfadimethoxine–Ormetoprim (SDMX–OMP) combination. ► In-feed Romet®30 had a therapeutic effect against C. irritans infection. ► The suitable dose of Romet®30 was 50 mg/kg BW/day. ► The suitable duration of administration was 14 consecutive days. ► This dosing condition of Romet®30 was practically useful for aquaculture."

Sulfadimethoxine-Ormetoprim (SDMX-OMP) is a broad-spectrum microbicide chemotherapeutic agent, widely used in the treatment of dogs and cats, now fish ... has the potential to alter the biological filter if used directly in DT. Its possible safe use can be conveyed in food at the doses recommended in this work.

There is no recognized experience, which I have found, of safe use in reef tanks. but I thought it might serve, at first, to treat quarantined fish and ensure they do not carry parasites into the aquarium.

This is the data sheet of the aquaculture specific formula in English: ROMET® 30

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