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Originally Posted by Lpc View Post
Good afternoon everyone. After many years i have decided to jump back into the hobby. Its an understatement to say the the equipment has really come a long way. Which leads me to my very novice question (forgive me if its been asked before). I am looking for LED lighting options for my soon to be reef tank which is 48x18x20. I'd like to do fish and soft corals. Amazon has tons of items, and its a bit overwhelming sifting through it all. Does the the old 4 watt per gallon rule still apply?
Not at all, leds are a totally different animal.

Any led fixture will work. Over a 20" deep tank the Current Orbit and Marineland fixtures are a bit weak (0.5 watt leds). But any of the others will grow almost any coral.

The issue you need to consider is what features you want to pay for. MarAqua will work fine and they are very inexpensive but have very few features. EcoTech Radions have lots of features and are very expensive (maybe even over priced. Here is a link to a post about the less expensive led fixtures:

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