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Here is the contest that is associated with the FFM this year- thanks to Lou from Tropic Marin! I have three corals that need names (so I can charge twice as much for them when I sell them...). I am not looking for the scientific names, something a little more fun! Here are quick descriptions of each to compensate for my poor photography skills:

Coral #1 is a Neon green Leptoseris (maybe?) with a purpleish growth rim

Coral #2 is a Light, mint green Acropora with big "bulby" coralites

Coral #3 is a deep purple Rhodactis mushroom with neon green fringing tentacles

Email your names to me with the subject "2018 FFM Coral Name Entry" by Thursday March 1st to be considered. Winners will be announced on the FB page, and here on RC that night. Winners MUST pick up their salt buckets at the FFM on March 3rd- just another reason to go to the biggest event on the East Coast! Thanks to Lou Elkus and Tropic Marin for sponsoring this FFM contest!

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