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Reeflink Capabilities to control 2 Vectras


I have 2 Vectra M1's setup as dual return pumps from my sump to my 150g aquarium. I have them set so that I get a combined 1200gph flow through my system. Currently, these pumps are both set at a steady state with the same flow rate.

What I would like to do is have these pumps linked in such a way that I always maintain 1200gph flow, but alternate which one. For example, let's say pump A is at 30% and pump B is at 70% and then I would switch them to be pump A at 70% and pump B at 30%. I was considering fabricating gears and a little control arm to move the 2 dials at opposite values with peg stops that I would set for each one.

But then I started looking at the Reeflink and I am hoping it will provide the control that I seek. So I have a question:
- Is there a limit to the number of set points I can add for a Vector pump? I see Youtube videos with people having just 4-5 throughout the day. Could I have 24+ (every 30 minutes oscillate between 30% and 70% on pump A and set pump B the opposite)?

- Can I count on the timing to be precisely synchronized? I.e. if I set at 9:01am on pump A and 9:01am on pump B, is the timer controlled by the Reeflink and instant to both pumps (as opposed to syncing a wireless driver that has its own clock that might be off a couple of seconds from the other driver)?

- Can Vectra drivers be set to Master/Slave so that I can control one and the other will do the opposite? (As I can with my Vortechs now...I think I already know the answer to this one is no).

Any other recommendations? It is important to keep the total flow through the aquarium constant even as A and B are adjusting because I have my overflow ball valves setup to be ultra-silent with a BeanAnimal return.



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