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Thank you for your response mfinn. I am not sure what you mean by "the pump".

There are 2 pumps. Yes I want constant flow through the tank so that there is not a change of height in the overflow box, noise, etc. As to why would I want to do this, the 2 pumps are on opposite sides of the tank and I am looking to change the flow through the tank on a regular basis. As I have 2 returns, I wish to take advantage of them to add more random flow. I can achieve this manually, by the way. I know exactly on the dials where 30/70% are on each and I can turn both dials manually at the same time and have no change in total flow but change the current flow in the tank. By the way, I did this in a prior tank with 1 Pump, 2 returns and a Tee-valve rotated with a motor to mix things up. Manually with 2 pumps maintains a perfectly constant flow...but it is manual.

I am trying to understand before I drop $100 on a reeflink whether it can accomplish the same thing.

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