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Seeing as its nearly 70 out today and I have the day off, I figured I would crawl under my house and get the floor braced up. For some reason I always forget to take pictures while in the process.

I added a 2x8 to span across the 3 floor joists the tank will span, and added joist hangers. There is a beam the joists sit on, but felt this would be added security. Yes I know my braces is slightly short, but with the hangers and holding up over half the joist, I think it will be fine. I screwed the beam in place using timberlock screws(there shear weight is 10x that of normal deck screws(I used these to build my deck per codes request).

Here I dug down below the frost line and stacked 5 bricks and filled with concrete. Then placed the block on top. I was assured that even though these blocks are designed to hold a 4x4, a 6x6 would be fine resting on the top.

And here's the finished product. I believe this should do the trick.

80G SCA Build:

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