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Originally Posted by homer1475 View Post
Critique on the aquascape? Obviously the bowl is just for filling so I don't blow the sand everywhere.
Keep the bowl!

Nah. It looks like a nice lagoon setup, which I have traditionally preferred. I'm thinking with my next tank of doing more sparse rock/bonsai/2 piles with swim room. But do think yours looks good as is, with lots of swimming room between under and around the rocks, and I like that the lagoon also offers plenty of horizontal/diagonal space for coral placement, as well as a protected lagoon in the middle for clams, fungia, ricordias, elegance coral (cherry corals have some beautiful aquacultured elegance corals if you have the room), etc.

Since I'm commenting anyway, I love the plumbing and sump, and the under-floor bracing. I like reading the DIY threads that I see you posting in where people are reinforcing their floors. Needs more Tim the Tool Man Taylor Ho Ho Ho.

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